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COOLSCULPTING, Freeze your Fat for Good!

Discover life-changing results with CoolSculpting at Nuvo Medispa! Get rid of stubborn fat without surgery or downtime.

Many of us are on the “get healthy” and “look good” bandwagon, which can be both rewarding and frustrating. After all the dieting and working out there is often that stubborn fat that you can’t get rid of, lingering unwantedly on your body. 

When it comes to that unwanted fat, you are not alone. Many people find themselves struggling to drop those last few pounds. And, many find it discouraging and tiresome. Feeling good starts from the inside, but when you look good from every angle on the outside, it is a major confidence booster. I myself have always struggled with certain areas of stubborn fat and after countless hours in the gym and various diets, I had given up. 

That is, until I found Coolsculpting. Did you know that Coolsculpting is not only known to get rid of that stubborn fat, but there is no downtime or needles involved, talk about a dreamlike procedure!

Coolsculpting is popular with both men and women as this non-invasive surgery needs no downtime and provides incredible results. The non-surgical aspect is reliving to customers and it is one of the reasons why this procedure has become so popular. 

This FDA-cleared, non-surgical, fat reduction treatment uses controlled cooling to eliminate the fat that your exercises and diet haven’t been able to tackle. 

The best and most common body parts for the treatment include under the chin, back, pectoral, abdomen, flanks, arms and thighs, both inner and outer. But, if you call Nuvo Spa, they will book you a FREE consultation and will provide you with answers to all your questions. 

I was curious about if certain areas would be removable and Nuvo spa let me know that “if they could squeeze it, they could freeze it!”

Not only was this procedure named best non-invasive fat reduction treatment” at the Annual Beauty Choice Awards, but clients of Nuvo like myself have all been immensely satisfied with their results. 

If you are thinking about coolsculpting, remember, this is not an over night fix, it will take time so don’t panic if you don’t see the results right away. This alternative to liposuction has fewer risks and is a fraction of the price. And, to make your life easier, we even offer an easy and high-approval financing option. 

Allow yourself to be given the gift of your dream body, without the hassle of going into surgery. Don't let your hard work go unnoticed and allow Nuvo to help you!

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