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What Are the Common Questions Asked at a Medical Spa?

Are you visiting a beauty spa for the first time? Are you anxious about the experience that awaits you and perhaps a little terrified about the potential outcomes of your treatments? Well, there is no need for you to worry about anything.

Are you visiting a beauty spa for the first time? Are you anxious about the experience that awaits you and perhaps a little terrified about the potential outcomes of your treatments? Well, there is no need for you to worry about anything. If you are visiting a reputable spa, you are likely to find qualified professionals who will provide you with the best possible treatments available. To help you become more relaxed and assured of the quality and nature of the services you are about to receive, here are some of the questions you need to ask your aesthetician at a medical spa.

Are my skin goals realistic?

Before visiting a medical spa, it is ideal to have a set of goals that you will be looking forward to achieving. This is the only way to ensure that you will be receiving the exact services you need, and will put you in a position to tell if you can expect the desired results. Therefore, on your first visit to the medical spa, have a set of intended goals and discuss them with the aesthetician. If they are true professionals, they will tell you what is possible and what is not possible among your goals and help set the right tone and expectations for the treatments.

What is your background in the field of aesthetics?

An aesthetician may be skilled in a variety of fields. However, there are others that may be highly specialized in certain fields alone. The last thing you want is to land in the hands of an aesthetician who is not skilled in the kind of services you are interested in. That is why it is important to ask them about their background in the industry so that you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands. A professional will have no problem giving you a detailed outline of their background, including their major areas of specialization.

Why is my skin the way it is?

This question is not about testing the experience and the competency of the beautician. It is a means of offering them more information about your skin and lifestyle so that they may identify the underlying factors of your current skin condition. In their response to this question, they will want to know more details about your skin – whether you are dealing with an acne breakout, your skin type, your current emotional state, etc. This is also a good time to let them know if you have been taking supplements, or if you have been using a specific type of family planning method.

What is my skin type?

Skin can be divided into various types based on certain characteristics and behaviors. It is vital to know your skin type since not all treatments you receive in a medical spa in Montreal will be ideal for your specific skin. As such, knowing your skin type should be one of your goals for visiting a spa, and the aesthetician will be more than glad to help you determine your skin type.

What are the right treatments for my skin type?

Since there are various skin types, there are also various kinds of treatments being offered in a medical spa in Montreal. Based on your skin type, the aesthetician will recommend some of the most suitable treatments. They will also let you know if a particular treatment you are interested in may not be the right one for your skin type. Be very careful and take their recommendations regarding treatments suitable for your skin type.

How long will the treatment take and how long will it last?

It is always good to know just how long the treatment will take and how long it will last once it is completed. You may require a treatment that demands your presence at the spa for several hours, possibly conflicting with your other engagements for the day. The best way to avoid ruining other plans for your day is to simply ask how long the treatment will take. Also, you need to know how long the effects will last. Knowing how long the aesthetic treatment should last will help you set the right expectations during and after the treatment.

What should be my expectations regarding this treatment?

When you visit a medi spa Montreal for a specific beauty treatment, you should be aware of what awaits you during the process. If it is your first time going for it, then it is vital that you ask the aesthetician about what to expect during and after the procedure. The answer to this question will not only inform you of what lies ahead, but will also make you feel more comfortable since you now know what to expect. The responses you get from the aesthetician will also address any concerns you may have concerning the treatment.

What are some of the side effects of this treatment?

Not every treatment you receive at a medical spa will have side effects, but it is still necessary to know if the treatment you are about to get will have any side effects. For example, if you were considering a treatment such as dermal filling, you should know that it may entail swelling, bruising, and redness immediately after the treatment. Therefore, to set expectations right, ask your aesthetician if the procedure you are about to receive will have any side effects.

What should I do after the treatment?

There are some treatments that will require you to take some actions once the treatment is administered. For example, if you are scheduled for botox treatment, you are likely to be advised to avoid alcohol for some time. 

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